Celebrating Unique Stories of Artists from Around the World

We proudly collaborate with talented artists worldwide, united by a passion for human connection and creativity.

Honouring cultural, ethnic, and gender diversity, our collection fosters community through art. We are excited to introduce new works by Manuela Guillén, Tim Singleton, and Shae Antony. This collaboration reaffirms Starbucks' commitment to artistic partnerships, inviting customers to celebrate creativity and meaningful connections.

  • Manuela Guillén

    Manuela is a freelance painter, muralist and digital illustrator based in North Philadelphia, USA.

    Born in Miami to Cuban and Salvadorian immigrant parents, Manuela aims to bring awareness to art education, mental health, sociopolitical and environmental issues.

    As an art teacher, Manuela hopes to inspire her students to be creative as she continues to bring communities together through art. Her murals can be found in both the USA and Mexico.

  • Tim Singleton

    Based in Toronto, Tim Singleton is a visual designer and illustrator from Toronto.
    Using neon colour palettes and pop culture infused imagery, Singleton combines typography and illustration to communicate self-expression, identity, and the desire to make the world brighter and bolder.

    His work draws inspiration from past decades, queer culture, nostalgia, and the world.

  • Shae Antony

    Illustrator and Maker Shae Antony is a little obsessed with all things colourful.

    Born and raised in Atlanta, street art and graffiti became a passion, especially when illustrating women of colour.

    Bold hues, abstract shapes, and '90s-inspired patterns are her forte when visually storytelling the lives of the women around her. Her work vibrantly celebrates representation, featuring a diverse array of shades and textures that honour every colour in between.